Students’ scientific work

Students carry out research in an academic setting under the direction of faculty members here at the department and at the Institute of Cell Biology NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Hereditary Pathology Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Biology UAAS and other institutions.

All ĺhird-, fourth- and fifth-year undergraduate students take part in experimental scientific research, while it is optional for first- and second-year students.

During a course of study third- and fourth-year students do their course works, that are evaluated as part of the student's grade in the course. Fifth-year students work on their graduate thesis.

In 1998-2006 students of the department were co-authors of more than 120 scientific publications.

On April, 20-22nd, 2000 we held the Conference on Genetics and Molecular Biology for students and young researchers devoted to the 100 - anniversary of genetics.

Students of the department participate actively in preparation and carring out the International Conferences "The youth and progress in biology" (Lviv, 2005-2011 years).

Annually Student Scientific Conference is held in April, where all third-, fourth- and fifth-year students have their reports. The students of other departments of faculty and other institutes are also invited to report at the conference.

The students of department represented the reports at number of national and international conferences.

In particular, students Yushchuk O., Lopatnyuk M. and Nimets O. reported at the V International Conference of Young Scientists "Biodiversity. Ecology. Adaptation. Evolution "(Odessa, 13-17 June, 2011), IV IMBG International Conference" Molecular Biology: Advances and Perspectives "(Kyiv, September 14-17, 2011), VI Annual scientific meeting of regional cooperation in medicine, science and technology (Bratislava, Slovakia, 8-10 April, 2011).

13 students of the department participated in the VII International Scientific Conference for Students "Youth and the progress of biology" (5-8 April, Lviv, 2011). Students Shlyahtina E., Lopatnyuk M., Nimets O. and Butsyak A. were awarded for the best oral and poster presentations at this conference. Nimets O. awarded a diploma for the best report at the IX Scientific Conference of young scientists and technicians "Young scientists in solving actual problems of biology, veterinary medicine" (December 17, 2010, Lviv).

  • Student Nazarko T. was the winner of Lviv regional competition "Student of year - 1998" in a nomination "Student - research worker".
  • Student Panchuk R. was the winner of Lviv regional competition "Student of year -2004" in a nomination "Student – sciences research worker ".
  • In 2006 student Dutko L. was awarded the scientific bonus by Ivan Franko in sciences (among young research workers).
  • 2011 - Student Mutenko G. was awarded the diploma as the winner of the Ukrainian student competition, specialty "Biology".
  • 2010 - Tsypik O. - winner of the Ukrainian student research competition in natural sciences, engineering sciences and humanities.

During 2011 year students have had 4 articles and 17 conference abstracts published.