Lidiya Bodnar

Lidiya Bodnar

Dr. associate professor
Phone 038-0322-794-768
Fax     038-0322-971-795

Born on October 4 1958 in Lviv
1981 graduated from the university
Since 1986 worked as a junior scientific collaborator
1989 defended a candidate dissertation “The expression of the gene Adh depending on the age and genotype of Drosophila melanogaster”.
1992 -1999 worked as an assistant of the department of genetics and biotechnology, and since 1999 – associate professor of this department.

Current courses

Biology of Individual Development
Genetic Analysis
Mutagenesis and reparation
Populational and evolutional genetics

Recent publications:

1. Bodnar L., Baran.I., Kit L., Klym. I., Hnatush S. Ecological monitoring of reservoirs of Yavorivskyy of sulfur deposit: microbiological control // Environment and health, 2003.-#4. - P.55-58.
2. Bodnar L., Fedynyak A., Reveha O., Fitel’ N. Estimation of mutagene contamination of water pools of central part of the L'viv-Volin coal pool // Modern problems of toxicology. 2005.-#2.-P.121-127.
3. Bodnar L., Reveha O., Fitel’ N. Expedience of the use of natural sorbents for the removal of mutagenicity of liquid fluorochemical offcuts of production the monomeer FC-141//Cytology and genetics. 2005.- T.1.- S.34-40.
4. Bodnar L., Reveha O., M. Stuhlyak, Horbulins’ka S. Application of natural sorbents for diminishing of mutagene backgrounds of liquid toxic drains of different industries Eyms test// Bulletin of society of geneticists and selectioners. V.3 -#1-2.- 2005.-P. 24-26.
Bodnar L., Fedynyak A., Dugan O. Correction of mutagene backgrounds of drinking-water. // Bulletin of society of geneticists and selectioners. V.3 -#1-2.- 2005.-P. 26-35