Nowadays it is difficult to imagine specialist in biology without good grounding in microbiology. Study of microorganisms enables better understanding of the biodiversity on Earth, conditions of its emergence and evolution. Progress of such disciplines as genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, ecology, etc. are obliged to microbiology. Microorganisms perform gigantic biochemical labour, ensure the biogenic elements cycles, which support the life on Earth. Close research of microorganisms became the basis of emergence and development of modern biotechnology, which enabled the usage of microorganisms for the industrial obtaining of many biologically active substances: enzymes, hormones, nucleotides, amino acids, vitamins, etc.

Together with the useful action, microorganisms can be harmfull, causing diseases in humans, animals and plants, deterioration of food products, building constructions, books, art productions.

Department of Microbiology in Lviv University was establised in 1936 by Napoleon Gonsiorovski. But the researches in microbiology at Faculty of Biology  were performed even earlier.

From 2014 the Department is headed by prof. Svitlana Hnatush. Professor S. Hudz, six associate professors (A. Halushka, M. Horishnyi, Y. Kolisnyk, H. Zvir, T. Peretyatko, H. Yavorska), assistant B. Borsukevych are working at the department. Interdisciplinary Educational Laboratory of Virtual Methods in Biology is functioning at the Department, which is headed by Kh. Bohoslavets. Engineer O. Podopryhora, senior laboratory assistant O. Tarabas are working at the Laboratory.

Department of Microbiology trains specialists:

Department trains post-graduate students by the spaciality 03.00.07 - Microbiology.