Interdisciplinary educational laboratory of virtual methods in biology was created for high-quality еуфсрштп of students of educational levelі of bachelor and master who listen to the courses at the Department of Microbiology and to provide the qualified assistance to those persons who are passing educational-scientific or scientific level training at the Department.

In the process of its activity Educational laboratory performs the following functions:
• introducing of virtual learning methods in microbiology, virology, immunology;
• assistance in organizing extracurricular learning and self-study of full-time and distance students;
• assistance in organization of distant education;
• accounting of condition and presence of educational and methodological support tools for disciplines;
• methodological support of the usage of experimental equipment, technical training tools and computer technologies by teachers and students;
• providing individual work of teachers, post-graduate students and students, consultations of teaching staff;
• creation of appropriate conditions for internship of workers of other educational institutions.

The main tasks of the Laboratory is to help teachers and students to conduct educational and scientific process that is associated with microbiological, virological, immunological methods of research. In particular, the Educational laboratory:

• provides conditions of conduction practical lessons and laboratory works on high scientific, methodological and technical level;
• ensure appropriate conditions for the implementation by students the course works, bachelor's and master's theses;
• facilitates to conduct researches by postgraduate and doctoral students of Department according to subjects of their theses;
• helps to conduct methodological and scientific seminars;
• ensure to all participants of the educational process safe working conditions in accordance with the requirements established by legislation;
• supports the proper maintenance of instruments, equipment and materials for carrying out the laboratory, practical works and scientific research;
• stir information materials on the website and support it properly.

Educational and methodological support of the Laboratory is formed from:
• educational and work programs of relevant disciplines;
• guidelines (methodological recommendations) for conducting laboratory works, experiments, observations, workshops;
• reference and normative-technical literature;
• other teaching and methodological materials.